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Five big US airports smoker tolerant

‘Average air pollution levels from second-hand smoke directly outside designated smoking areas in [US] airports are five times higher than levels in smoke-free airports,’ according to a Newswire story quoting a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This seems to imply that there is second-hand smoke in smoke-free airports, but might be meant to mean that the presence of second-hand smoke directly outside designated smoking areas in US airports raises the general air pollution levels there to five times the level of general air pollution levels in smoke-free airports.

The study conducted in five large hub US airports showed also that air pollution levels inside designated smoking areas were 23 times higher than levels in smoke-free airports.

In the study, designated smoking areas in airports included restaurants, bars, and ventilated smoking rooms.
Five of the 29 largest airports in the US allow smoking in designated areas that are accessible to the public: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Denver International Airport, and Salt Lake City International Airport.

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US smokers pay umpteen taxes, for the MSA and higher insurance premiums

Health insurance companies in the US would be allowed to set their premiums for smokers at 1.5 times the level of those for non-smokers under proposed new rules.

According to a story by N.C. Aizenman for the Washington Post, the Obama administration proposed new rules on Tuesday that would loosen some of its 2010 health-care-law mandates on insurers while tightening others.

But while the law permits insurers generally to set their premiums for tobacco users higher than those for non-smokers, they wouldn’t be allowed to do so in a case where smokers were enrolled in smoking-cessation programs.

This and other changes were included in the fine print of three regulations the Department of Health and Human Services proposed to flesh out key parts of the statute. For the most part, the regulations, which will be open for comment until December 26, would simply codify mandates in the law or in earlier administration guidance.

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‘Bad boy’ Balotelli gives up smoking

Manchester City’s ‘bad boy’ striker Mario Balotelli has managed to make a place for himself in boss Roberto Mancini’s good books by giving up smoking.

Balotelli Mario

Mario Balotelli

Balotelli gave up the habit after seeing adverts publicising the recent NHS-backed anti-smoking campaign Stoptober, which urged people to quit the habit for October.

“The campaign is supported by IAN WRIGHT and when manager Roberto Mancini told Mario about it, it was just the incentive he needed to get him to make the effort and stop,” The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

“Even though October’s over, Mario’s keeping it up,” he added.

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RJR Sues E-Cig Maker

RJR Sues E-Cig Maker

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has filed a lawsuit against electronic cigarette maker SAS Technologies, accusing the company of infringing on its Camel and Winston brands, reported The Business Journal.

SAS Technologies does business as and promotes and sells flavored liquid nicotine products for use with its MaxxVapor Pro e-cigarettes.

Renolds Tobacco

R.J. Reynolds tobacco products

The lawsuit was filed last week in U.S. District Court in North Carolina by Reynolds Innovations Inc., a subsidiary of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., which is itself part of Reynolds American Inc.

Reynolds Innovations claims that is selling “E-Liquid” products with names such as “Camell Tobacco” and “Winston” among the different flavors of liquid nicotine products, the report said.

According to the lawsuit, Reynolds Innovations believes that the use of the Camel and Winston names and images “is likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers as to the source, origin or sponsorship of such products.”

Reynolds Innovations is seeking the recover damages from the unauthorized use of the Camel and Winston names and images and all of the profits SAS Technologies generated from the products, said the report.

As of Nov. 5, the flavors targeted by Reynolds Innovation had been removed from Ozark, Ala.-based, the newspaper said.

The legal action comes at a time when Reynolds American is entering the e-cigarette market with its own product, named Vuse, which will be produced by subsidiary R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co., the Business Journal added (see Related Content below for previous CSP Daily News coverage).T

The company plans to share more about Vuse during an Investor Day presentation next week, said the report.

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