Smoke-Free Smithfield in the UK

03 Feb

Smoking Man

A council report states: “The TCA will undertake work to consider the establishment of a smoke-free Smithfield, smoke-free playgrounds and parks and a smoke-free city centre bus station. “The move to smoke-free status of these important settings will contribute to the broader tobacco control programme which aims to reduce the harm and health inequalities caused by tobacco use in the city.”

Public transport group Aces has backed the council’s move – if the ban can be enforced. Co-ordinator Selwyn Brown said: “People aren’t allowed to smoke inside the bus station as it is, but does that mean nobody smokes there? I think the council needs to look at enforcing the existing rules properly, before it expands the no-smoking area.

“There are other towns around the country, such as Chorley, where they do strictly enforce smoking bans in bus stations.” Smoking remains the biggest single preventable cause of disease and premature death in Stoke-on-Trent.

Councillor Adrian Knapper, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We are looking at increasingly innovative ways of reducing the damage caused by smoking, and smoke-free zones are just one possibility. Although the idea is in the very early stages it has been tried in other authorities across the country and proved successful.

“Any decision would be subject to intensive consultation.” Blackpool Council has already implemented voluntary smoking bans in outdoor areas.

But Gary Pennington, chairman of the Friends of Highfield Road Park in Blackpool, which became a smoke-free zone three years ago, does not believe the measure has made any difference.

The 58-year-old smoker of cheapest kebt cigarettes said: “People say they don’t want children to see people smoking, but don’t they ever walk past pubs or clubs where there will be loads of people outside smoking? Parks aren’t just for children, they’re for all ages, including those seniors who have spent all their life smoking. If they want to smoke in the park, it won’t harm anyone else. “I don’t think it’s made any difference. I’m not aware of anyone being prosecuted.”

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