Labor Plays Politics on Smoking Bans

11 Nov

Smoking Woman

The LNP has welcomed Labor taking its lead on extended smoking bans throughout Queensland but fears the Palaszczuk Government is playing politics on an issues that could save lives.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said while the LNP welcomed Labor following its lead on smoking bans, but had no previous plan to extend bans until a bipartisan parliamentary committee had endorsed the LNP’s Private Member’s Bill.

“LNP introduced a smoking ban bill in July and the Health and Ambulance Services Committee has already come back endorsing the LNP’s bill,” Mr McArdle said.

“If the Government has suggestions or amendments to our Bill we would be more than happy to sit down with the Health Minister and discuss them, but this apparent vindictive move from the Minister is just another example of Labor’s attempts to wipe clear any LNP policy in Queensland.

“This will achieve nothing other than delay the introduction of these vital laws.

“The Minister should get serious about providing real bipartisan support on an issue that could save lives.”

Mr McArdle said the LNP was the only party with a real plan to deliver solutions for a better, safer and healthier Queensland.

“The LNP has a strong track record in this field, having introduced the toughest smoking laws in Queensland Parliament when it was in government, including a ban on smoking on or within five metres of health facilities and school grounds,” he said.

“We believe more can be done to encourage young Queenslanders to not ever take up the habit which is why we introduced this latest bill.

“A healthy Queensland is a better Queensland and the LNP’s bill will go a long way to delivering just that.”

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