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Smoke-free Beach Proposed by Pembrokeshire Council

Cigarette Butts on the Beach

Smoking could be banned on one of Pembrokeshire’s beaches after councillors voted to hold a formal consultation into the idea.

Pembrokeshire would be the first council in Wales to introduce a smoke-free beach.

A consultation will now be held to decide which beach should be used for a pilot scheme.

Councillors also voted to make the area’s playgrounds and sporting areas smoke-free, including e-cigarettes.

All 100 parks, sports grounds and playing fields owned or managed by Pembrokeshire council or community councils will have signs erected asking people not to smoke.

The main aim is to try and discourage young people from smoking, and to promote health and well-being. However, smokers say that the move will not make them stop smoking and they will continue to purchase cheap cigarettes.

Pembrokeshire is the last council in Wales to do this for play areas, but believes it is the first to include e-cigarettes in the ruling.

Cabinet members said the move was not a ban and admitted it would not be enforceable.

Smoke-free beaches are already common in some states in the US, and also exist in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

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Glaro Inc. Helps Facility Managers to Find Smoker’s Posts On The Market

Cigarette butt

Recognized as the original manufacturer of the Smoker’s Post, Glaro Incorporated, based in New York, has innovated cigarette receptacle product lines since 1947. The Deluxe Smoker’s Post and Value-Max Smoker’s Post lines, the first of their kind, have been used in facilities nationwide. Now, as part of an important ‘Service Announcement’ to Facilities Managers and Glaro Dealers, the manufacturer announces quality standards to educate dealers and customers who are interested in purchasing cigarette disposal equipment that is a cut above the rest.

Design Standards
Smoking receptacles should meet high design standards. Glaro Inc. has incorporated this concept by offering a neat, streamlined appearance. Glaro’s wide selection of satin and powder coat finishes is unrivaled by any other manufacturer because both lines are offered in Satin Aluminum, Satin Brass and 29 textured and smooth powder coat finishes. Cigarette logos are manually silk-screened and baked onto each aluminum tube. Even the most discerning tastes of architects and designers will be satisfied with this selection, according to Glaro Inc. executives. In Eastern Europe cigarette logos are not banned, and today smokers around the world prefer to buy cartons of cigarettes online from European suppliers from

Materials & Construction Standards
Glaro Inc. advises purchasing high capacity Smoker’s Posts that are engineered utilizing solid aluminum weatherproof tubes consisting of heavy duty 1/8th inch or 1/16th inch thick walls. “Some manufacturers may use thinner tubes or non-aluminum materials that make them less durable. By contrast, a 1/8th inch aluminum tube is virtually indestructible and it is the strongest in the market,” says Executive Vice President Robert Betensky. “A 1/16th inch aluminum tube is an excellent alternative where cost savings is important.” Look-alike steel smoking receptacles tend to rust before their expected lifespan, and plastic units can warp, crack, burn and melt. “Fireproof, weatherproof and rust proof solid aluminum is a much better choice,” says Plant Manager Robert Glass.

Stability Standards
Glaro Inc. suggests using cigarette butt receptacles with heavily weighted bases because they provide maximum stability and added security. In ground and surface mount floor models also provide permanence but require light installation. All of these options provide the ultimate in cigarette and ash disposal in public spaces and high traffic areas. Glaro Inc. has also incorporated specialized security features in their wall mounted models to help prevent theft. All of these models come standard with a concealed offset keyhole mounting to a solid aluminum wall bracket. Additional security cables are available that attach the cap to the body and the body to the wall bracket. This ensures that parts will not go missing.

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