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Hy-Vee should quit selling cigarettes

Anti-smoking activists are calling on Iowa’s largest grocery chain to quit selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at stores that include pharmacies or health clinics.

The move would help Hy-Vee demonstrate its professed interest in customers’ health, the Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance says. The group encouraged Hy-Vee to follow the lead of the national CVS drugstore chain, which pulled tobacco products from its stores earlier this year. However, smokers say that in case Hy-Vee stops selling tobacco, they will buy cigarettes online.

“Helping Iowans quit smoking takes community leadership. By Hy-Vee ending the sale of tobacco products, it would reduce the availability and marketing of tobacco products, accelerate progress in reducing tobacco use and ultimately help more Iowans quit smoking,” alliance President Christopher Squier said in a news release. Squier is a University of Iowa dentistry professor who studies oral cancers.

Hy-Vee spokeswoman Tara Deering-Hansen sent a statement to The Des Moines Register saying the chain doesn’t advertise tobacco products, but provided no indication it intends to stop selling them.

“For years now, health and wellness has been a major part of who Hy-Vee is, and our commitment shows through the numerous healthy offerings in our stores and the activities we support in communities,” Deering-Hansen wrote. “As a retailer, we offer consumers a variety of products; we do not believe it is our role to police their personal decisions. We actively try to encourage customers’ healthy choices by keeping tobacco products behind courtesy counters and excluding them from marketing. And in contrast, we visibly tout the convenient access to smoking cessation programs and products provided through our pharmacies and in-store dietitians and clinics.”

Deering-Hansen declined to say how much money Hy-Vee takes in from tobacco sales or what percentage of the company’s revenues come from those sales.

The anti-smoking group agreed that Hy-Vee has taken prominent roles in efforts to improve Iowans’ health. Those include the Healthiest State Initiative, whose president, Ric Jurgens, is Hy-Vee’s retired chief executive officer.

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EU States to Export 1,600 Tons of Cigarettes to Serbia Each Year

As of July 1, EU member-states will be able to export 1,600 tons of cigarettes to Serbia annually, at a reduced customs rate of 15%, which has resulted from the months-long Belgrade-Brussels talks following Croatia’s admission to the EU and the agreed quota equals the quantity of annual exports of Croatian cigarettes to Serbia. Although local tobacco industry representatives support Serbia’s EU course, they are concerned about the influence of that agreement on their own business.

The Serbian Parliament’s EU Integrations Committee has adopted a report on the supplementary protocol to the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, which enables privileged import of cigarettes at a reduced customs rate. That means that as of July 1, EU member-states will be able to export 1,600 tons of cigarettes to Serbia annually, at a reduced customs rate of 15%. For higher quotas, the rate shall amount to 53.6%, as it is now.

The protocol has resulted from the months-long Belgrade-Brussels talks following Croatia’s admission to the EU. Croatia wanted to retain a privileged position for export of cigarettes to the Serbian market, which it acquired as a CEFTA region member-state. Upon admission to the EU, Croatia received the same treatment as other member-states, which implies higher customs rate for exports to Serbia. As it is official Brussels that represents Croatia’s interests, the talks commenced and the proposed quota equalled the quantity of exports of Croatian cigarettes to Serbia at the time.

Belgrade entered the negotiations with the position that, should it accept the request, Serbia should be approved aditional quantities for export of other products to the EU market. Serbia has obtained increased quotas, so it will be able to export by 4,300 more hectoliters of wine, while fish export quotas have been increased by 26 tons and sugar export quotas by 1,000 tons.

According to the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Željko Sertić, the reached agreemetn forms part of Serbia’s EU and common market accession process. He said that the state should apply some benefits to help the local tobacco industry and reduced negative effects on its business activities. Serbia has three large cigarette manufactures, which have invested more than one billion euros in the tobacco industry. Those are multinational companies „Philip Morris“, „British American Tobacco“ and „Japan Tobacco International“, which are interested in continuing their business in Serbia.

In 2013, they produced a total of seven thousand tons of cheapest cigarettes and tripled their exports, especially to the Asian market, above all, to Japan and China. They also contribute to the Serbian budget by paying tax, contributions and excise tax. What interestd them most is on the basis of which criteria the quota is to be distributed. They are interested in taking part in the privileged export of cigarettes to Serbia from their European affiliates.

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