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Smoking variations

  1. French Inhale – After drawing the smoke into your mouth, instead of inhaling the smoke in your mouth, slowly push the smoke of your lips and while it rises out of your mouth, inhale it with your nose. This produces a strong “hit” while impressing those watching.
French Inhale Smoking
Smoking woman French Inhale
    1. Smoke Rings – This is when rings of smoke are puffed out. this means that the smoke is not inhaled but kept in the mouth before blowing out. there are many methods for blowing smoke rings, the most common being to bring the lower jaw forward, raising the tongue up and gently letting the smoke come out using small movements of the throat, like a very small cough.
    1. Dangling – Experienced smokers integrate smoking into everything in their lives. To be able to do this their hands need to be free so they learn to keep the cigarette in their mouths all the time. This makes since since a cigarette in the mouth is ready for a drag at all times while one in the hand isn’t being inhaled and that’s missing the whole point. The tricks to dangling are 1. Keeping the smoke out of your eyes, 2. Keeping the sidestream smoke from going up your nose or being inhaled. Over time this becomes second nature to the professional smoker.
    1. Chain Smoking – These days “chain smoking” has negative connotations but it need not. In reality all it means is lighting one cigarette off the burning ember of another. This can be handy when you want a light from a friend or it’s windy out and you’ll have trouble using a lighter. Many times a moderate smoker occasionally wants a second cigarette that this is simplest way.
Chain Smoking
    1. Hot boxing – Smoking inside an enclosed environment. ( such as a car, bathroom ect..)
Smoking in car
    1. Double pumping – Take a drag, inhale, take another drag while exhaling the first out your nose then inhale again. This can be repeated to triple, quad… pump.
    2. Snap inhale – Take a drag open your mouth to let the smoke start to escape then sharply inhale it so it gets drawn back into your mouth.
Snap Inhale
    1. French inhale – Pull the smoke into your mouth without inhaling it. then move your lower jaw up and forward and allow the smoke to flow out while using your nose to inhale it back in.

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