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Cigarette Filter Information

Cigarette Filter Information

Cigarettes with a cork-colored smoking end, often designated “light” cigarettes, are those with a filter installed. Women’s light and ultra-light cigarettes also have filters, although they are typically still white on the end. The implication is that light cigarettes are safer for smokers, because of the filter. An examination of several factors determines whether or not experts believe this to be true.

Cigarette Pack

A pack with cigarettes and a lighter inside


A cigarette filter is virtually a plug or cap placed in the end of a cigarette, predominately made of a plastic known as cellulose (developed from wood). Manufacturers dissolve the cellulose and then spin it into continuous synthetic fibers, called tows, that look similar to cotton upon initial view. Manufacturers then open the tow, take the necessary steps to give it a plastic quality, shape it and then cut it to fit the cigarettes. Filters also contain chemical additives that make the cigarette smoke taste better such as menthol cigarettes and speed up the delivery process of nicotine to your brain.


When manufacturers first looked into producing cigarette filters in mass quantities, they designed machines to test their effectiveness. These machines were able to smoke filtered and non-filtered cigarettes under identical circumstances and compare them. The results determined by the machines were that the filters reduced the amount of tar and nicotine inhaled when “smoking” the filtered cigarette as compared to the non-filtered cigarette. On major flaw that anti-tobacco enthusiasts find in this testing method is that each human being smokes differently than a programmed machine.


As stated, cigarette filters have holes in them that allow outside air to come into the cigarette when a smoker inhales, which mixes with the smoke and dilutes the toxins. While machine testing apparently showed that this approach was an effective way to reduce the toxins in smoke, most researchers have concluded that filtered cigarettes are equally as bad for smokers as non-filtered cigarettes. For starters, smokers can cover the holes in the filter with their fingers or lips. Additionally, research shows that individuals who smoke filtered cigarettes (often deemed “light” cigarettes) inhale more deeply when smoking, and hold the cigarette smoke within their lungs for longer amounts of time. Both circumstances render the filter virtually ineffective.

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Brazil to ban flavored cigarettes, including menthol

Brazil is to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, across the country, according to a GlobalPost story.

The Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa – National Health Surveillance Agency) announced the ban on Tuesday, saying the additives used exclusively in these products were what lured many young people to start consuming tobacco.

Flavored cigarettes
Flavored cigarettes: Rich cigarettes, Kiss cigarettes and Richmond cigarettes

Tobacco manufacturers will have 18 months from when Anvisa’s decision is officially published to pull their flavored cigarettes from the national market, and 24 months to pull other flavored tobacco products from shelves.

Manufacturers will still be allowed to add sugar to Brazilian-made tobacco products and those imported into the country.

And they will be allowed to manufacture flavored tobacco products in Brazil for export.

Tobacco industry representatives were said to have been in favor of prohibiting additives that created flavored cigarettes, but that they had wanted to continue to be able to sell menthol products.

The industry said there was no scientific proof that menthol made cigarettes more palatable or addictive than did non-menthol cigarettes.

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A Boost for Keeping Menthol Cigarettes Legal

A Food and Drug Administration scientist has found a lower risk of dying from lung cancer among menthol smokers compared to non-menthol smokers at ages 50 and over, according to a report in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Glamour Menthol Aroma
Glamour Menthol Aroma cigarettes

The scientist, Brian Rostron of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, studied data of 6,074 smokers from 1987 to 2006, including 1,417 who smoked only menthol cigarettes.

The lower risk of dying from lung cancer was found in all age groups, in men and women, and with black smokers compared with white smokers.

“These results agree with expectations that any association between lung cancer and menthol smoking would be greatest at ages in which smokers have smoked longer and accumulated more pack-years of smoking,” Rostron said in a study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research .

The report adds another layer of complexity to the public-health debate over menthol cigarettes, which are mint-flavored and one of the few growth sectors of the shrinking cigarette business, according to the newspaper report.

The FDA in June began an independent review of research following a report from its Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory committee that recommends a ban of menthol cigarettes.

The committee said the flavoring has led to an increase in smokers–particularly among teens, African-Americans and those with low incomes. It also said menthol flavoring makes it harder for them to quit.

A menthol ban or other restrictions on the cigarettes would fall heavily on Lorillard Inc., whose Newport brand is the top-selling US menthol cigarette at 35% of the market.

“The public-health implications of any decreased lung cancer risk of menthol smoking compared with non-menthol smoking, if ever conclusively demonstrated, are inevitably problematic,” Rostron said. “Smoking of any kind of cigarette is known to profoundly harm individual and population health.

“Further study is needed into possible explanations for the observed association and the public-health impact of potential reasons for it. This research could potentially identify ways to decrease the individual risk of cigarettes.”

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Menthol cigarettes

The world is puffing around enjoying the greatest feeling of cigarette smoking ever and you are still unaware of it! Everyone smokes. But what you smoke does matter!

Kiss Menthol
Kiss menthol cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes are one of the greatest and most valued variety of cigarettes found today. These cigarettes are characterized by presence of a cooling agent called menthol.

Menthol cigarettes were brought into market just to have some different fashion of smoking but today they are more popular than the normal ones.

You get a great feeling on your lips when you smoke menthol flavored cigarettes. Your lower lips get a feeling of coolness as the cold sensors in our lower lips are stimulated by the menthol in the cigarette. It adds freshness along with the pleasure of smoking. So what could be anything better than this? You get the same enjoyment of normal cigarettes plus you get a freshness feel with a cooling effect.

Don’t ever think about the extra health hazards caused due to these cigarettes. Yes, cigarette smoking is injurious to health but menthol cigarettes possesses no new health concerns, but yes it extends the joy of smoking and satisfaction of money well spent! And are you concerned about too much cost for menthol cigarettes?  Menthol cigarettes such as Esse Super Slims Menthol, Karelia Slims Menthol, Kiss Superslims Menthol, Lady Menthol Slims, Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma and  Vogue Super Slims Menthe are well famous all over the world and you now can get even menthol cigarettes just by a single click of your mouse! Yes, you can now demand cigarettes online! And don’t have a doubt about the quality of these cigarettes as they are of high quality brands like Marlboro.

Enjoy some of great cigarettes; get menthol – get fresh!

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Lorillard grows share and volume

Lorillard‘s domestic shipment volumes during the 12 months to the end of December 2011, at 40,034,411,000, were up by 6.9 per cent on those of the previous 12 months.

Including shipments to Puerto Rico and US Possessions, shipments were up by 6.9 per cent to 40,730,291,000.

Shipments of Newport cigarettes increased by 6.1 per cent to 33,741,402,000, and shipments of full price brands taken together increased by 5.7 per cent to 34,160,232,000, with shipments of Kent down by 18.7 per cent to 203,436,000, shipments of True down by 14.9 per cent to 215,394,000, and shipments of Max down by 100 per cent from 11,268,000.

Lorillard Tobacco Company

Shipments of price/value brands increased by 14.9 per cent to 5,874,179,000, with shipments of Old Gold up by 4.5 per cent to 553,248,000 and shipments of Maverick up by 16.0 per cent to 5,320,931,000.

Lorillard’s market share during 2011, at 14.1 per cent was up by 1.2 percentage points on that of 2010, with Newport’s share up by 1.0 percentage point to 11.9 per cent.

Menthol cigarettes last year held a 30.6 per cent share of the US market, up 0.6 of a percentage point from that of the previous year, and Lorillard held a 39.1 per cent share of the total US menthol segment, up 0.7 of a percentage point. Newport’s share of to US menthol segment was 36.2 per cent, up 0.2 of a percentage point.

Meanwhile, during the three months to the end of December, Lorillard’s domestic cigarette shipments, at 9,806,029,000, were up by 5.5 per cent on those of the three months to the end of December 2010. Including Puerto Rico and US possessions, shipments were up by 5.6 per cent to 9,984,277,000.

Newport’s shipments during the final quarter were up by 4.3 per cent to 8,190,476,000, and total full price brand shipments were up by 4.1 per cent to 8,291,768,000. Total price/value brand shipments were up by 13.7 per cent to 1,514,261,000.

“Lorillard had an outstanding fourth quarter which helped the company once again post record sales and profit for the full year of 2011,” said chairman, CEO and president, Murray S. Kessler.

“Fourth quarter gains in market share, pricing realization and margins resulting from the company’s strategic initiatives implemented during 2011 all contributed to the strong quarter and year.”

Lorillard reported fourth quarter adjusted diluted earnings per share of $2.20, up by 26.4 per cent on those of the fourth quarter of 2010, and annual adjusted diluted earnings per share increased by 16.2 per cent to $7.88.

Fourth quarter reported diluted earnings per share increased by 33.3 per cent to $2.32, while annual reported diluted earnings per share increased by 17.8 per cent to $7.99.

Net sales in the fourth quarter increased by 8.9 per cent to $1.618 billion, while annual net sales increased by 9.0 per cent to $6.466 billion.

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