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Nigeria: Cigarette smokers to pay more

Fresh facts have emerged that smoker of cigarette may have to part with money  to buy a stick of puff, as tobacco companies around the world are facing difficult times due to shrinking sales revenue. Market analysts said this development is attributable to the recent weakness witnessed in Emerging Markets (EM) Foreign Exchange ( FX) rates and the resultant strength in company reporting currencies, such as the dollar and sterling.

International tobacco companies have large exposures to emerging market, which provides the bulk of tobacco company revenue and growth. This, they said, had led rating agencies to downgrade  2014 Financial Year Earnings Per Share across  tobacco coverage universe, thereby raising concerns about the future of the industry .

“Substantial recent FX weakness in key tobacco markets, such as Russia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia, is likely to place additional pressure on the earnings growth of Philip Morris International (PMI), British American Tobacco (BAT) and Imperial Tobacco (IMT) in 2014.

“Various factors, such as the unwinding of the US bond-buying programme, a recovery in developed market (DM) economies and concerns about weakening trends in the Chinese economy we think, are behind the weakness in EM and commodity-exposed currencies,”  analysts at an international investment research company, Renaissance Capital (RenCap), revealed.

Nigerian Tribune checks revealed that the cost of cigarettes had not increased in Lagos, as most traders interviewed said the prices had not changed while others said they still had old stocks. Market analysts said the volume of cigarettes sold around the world was declining, and for some tobacco investors, this was worrying because as the price of the available products was going up, demand for cigarettes would be decreasing and sales  would continue to shrink.

According to RenCap, “tobacco share prices have declined about 10 per cent over the past 12 months, negatively affected by reduced earnings estimates, regulatory concerns and sector rotation out of defensives. “Consequently, forward Price Earning (P/E) multiples have declined to about 13.3x, from a peak of 15.4x in May 2013, while Price-to-Book (P/B) ratios have also contracted substantially,” the analysts stated. P/B ratio is a financial ratio used to compare a company’s current market price to its book value.

There has been rising concern that normal cigarettes release toxins through combustion and even faces rising taxes, public-smoking bans and other restrictions that affect its sales. Thus the big three tobacco companies are switching to  a new product known as e-cigarettes which they perceive as less harmful than regular cigarettes.

Philip Morris International is the world’s largest publicly traded manufacturer and seller of cigarettes and other tobacco products, with sales in approximately 180 countries. PM owns many major brands, including Marlboro, Parliament, L&M and Chesterfield.

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Ministry of Health announces new regulations in UAE’s anti-tobacco law

A new set of regulations in the UAE’s anti-tobacco law have been announced by the Ministry of Health, according to the national news agency WAM. The updates in legislation will come into effect six months from now and are part of the government’s efforts to establish an effective national anti-tobacco strategy.

Among the new regulations approved by UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the banning of smoking in private vehicles if a child younger than 12 years is present in the car. The main drive of the new regulations is aiming to reduce smoking among youth. A study carried out in Abu Dhabi showed that 28 per cent of children aged 15 years or younger, are smokers, while 30 per cent of people aged 18 are smokers.

The law bans any content that advertises tobacco products, such as newspaper advertisements and TV commercials. It also bans importing tobacco products that are not line with technical standards set by the UAE, and any violations regarding such imports can lead to a one year prison sentence and a fine ranging from Dhs100,000 to Dhs1 million, in addition to the confiscation of products.

The law also provides specifications on the packaging of tobacco products. All products must now display a large warning label on the front to raise awareness on the dangers of tobacco. Violators will be fined Dhs100,000 to Dhs1 million, and the fines can be doubled if the offence is repeated.

Tobacco products cannot be displayed near items marketed for children, or sportswear, health, food and electronic products. Tobacco products are also forbidden to be sold in locations that are 100 metres away from places of worship, and 15 metres away from kindergartens, schools, universities and colleges.

Shisha cafes will also have to be at least 150 metres away from residential areas. The regulations also specify that these cafes working hours will be from 10am to 12pm. Shisha will not be served to customers younger than 18 years of age, and the cafes will be forbidden from delivering shisha to apartments.

Growing or producing tobacco for commercial purposes will also be forbidden, and current manufacturing plants have been given a grace period of 10 years to sort out their situation, and tobacco farms have been given a two-year grace period.

The UAE ratified the World Health Organisation s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), the first international treaty negotiated under the auspices of WHO, in November 2005. The UAE anti-tobacco law was drafted by the Ministry of Health in 2006. In December 2009, the UAE issued its own federal anti-tobacco law.

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US smokers pay umpteen taxes, for the MSA and higher insurance premiums

Health insurance companies in the US would be allowed to set their premiums for smokers at 1.5 times the level of those for non-smokers under proposed new rules.

According to a story by N.C. Aizenman for the Washington Post, the Obama administration proposed new rules on Tuesday that would loosen some of its 2010 health-care-law mandates on insurers while tightening others.

But while the law permits insurers generally to set their premiums for tobacco users higher than those for non-smokers, they wouldn’t be allowed to do so in a case where smokers were enrolled in smoking-cessation programs.

This and other changes were included in the fine print of three regulations the Department of Health and Human Services proposed to flesh out key parts of the statute. For the most part, the regulations, which will be open for comment until December 26, would simply codify mandates in the law or in earlier administration guidance.

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Tips on How to Smoke a Cigarette

  • Smokers sometimes tighten their mouth to provide some pressure resistance and expel the inhaled smoke further. However, it is possible for people to have uneven lips (a very thin upper lip which may not allow the mouth to close all the time and can release smoke before inhaling) in cases like this the person should try and put their bottom lip over the upper one and hold tightly.
Cigarette Smoking
Brunette in sunglasses smoking a cigarette
  • Some smokers also expel smoke through their nose from time to time, though the majority do not, as the smoke further irritates the mucus membranes in the nose and sinuses.
  • A small amount of the smoke will stay in your lungs, sometimes for a few hours, until it is absorbed or breathed out through normal breathing.
  • Most smokers do not leave the cigarette in their mouth, as it is difficult to breathe normally (without inhaling smoke, some of which will exit the filter without drawing on it), and the hot smoke from the end burns the nose and gets in the eyes. Some smokers, however, do manage to do so.
  • Simply sucking in small amounts of smoke without inhaling can, with practice, produce a convincing portrayal of a smoker. The smoke will be thicker and will not be expelled with as much as force as if it were inhaled.
  • Take care not to light the filter end of the cigarette.
  • Menthol cigarettes, apart from the aroma of burning tobacco, also have a slight mint aroma as well as a mentholated cooling sensation, akin to that usually associated with cold remedies.
  • Smokers sometimes tap their cigarette pack or a single cigarette in order to settle the tobacco which makes the cigarettes burn slower and more evenly. Point the pack or cigarette filtered end down and tap the pack against the palm of your hand or the cigarette against the table. Take care not to apply too much force or you will break the cigarettes. Some smokers will also tap the end of the cigarette to compress the tobacco further.
  • Smokers often smoke more when drinking alcoholic beverages because smoking is a social event, and people especially smoke more if their friends also smoke. Some people also get nervous in social situations, therefore smoking more, mainly to keep their hands busy, and to deal with the tension of the social interaction they may be experiencing. Nicotine is also a stimulant which temporarily overcomes the effects of alcohol. Addicts in withdrawal also experience the depressive effects of alcohol more strongly.
  • Smokers tolerate both the nicotine and the various chemicals in the tobacco, (dizziness, nausea, etc) as well as the negative physiological affects of the carbon monoxide much more so than non-smokers. Smokers no longer experience the “high” that first-time smokers do.
  • Do not smoke on an empty stomach, as this could provoke a feeling of nausea.
  • When your cigarette is almost burned down to the filter line, put it out by crushing the lit end in an ashtray or against the ground. You can scrape the cigarette against it to put it out further.
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