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Cigarette lighter with built-in stun gun is great for self-defense

If you’re a fan of novel inventions, you might be interested to check out particular cigarette lighter that has a stun gun built into it, ultimately pulling double duty as a lighter for your cigarettes and at the same time offering a form of self defense.

Cigarette Lighter and Gun
Cigarette lighter and stun gun

While the cigarette lighter is nothing to shout about, the stun gun might be worth taking a look at. It has the capability to output 260KV and is powered by a integrated NiCad rechargeable battery, a body built from ABS engineering plastic and features a charging time of 10 hours. As icing on the cake, the cigarette lighter/stun gun will also pack a LED flashlight, just in case you need a clearer look at the guy your electrocuting. Jokes aside, this cigarette lighter/stun gun/LED flashlight is available, and needless to say that you should be extremely careful with it if  you plan on buying one for yourself.

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Packets of cigarettes to go up by 37p

Drinkers and smokers faced added pain today as George Osborne confirmed another duty rise on alcohol and cigarettes.

Smoking Woman
Woman holding a cigarette near an ashtray


Cigarettes meanwhile will  increase by five per cent above the rate of inflation, increasing the average price of a packet of 20 by 37p.

George Osborne told the House of Commons today that the increases would be effective from 6pm tonight.

He said: ‘Smoking remains the biggest cause of preventable illness in this country.

‘There is strong evidence that increasing the price of cigarettes deters people from smoking.

‘Duty on a packet of cigarettes will rise by five per cent above the rate of inflation. This will increase the cost of a packet of cigarettes by 37p.’

But smokers’ groups have slammed the duty increase on duty on tobacco products as a ‘smugglers’ charter’.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: ‘This is a smugglers’ charter. More and more consumers will turn to the black market or buy their tobacco abroad.

‘The elderly, the low paid and the unemployed will be hit the hardest but this is an attack on all law-abiding smokers who support Britain’s retailers by purchasing their cigarettes at home.

‘The only people celebrating this decision will be criminal gangs and tobacco control lobbyists.’
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Brazil to ban flavored cigarettes, including menthol

Brazil is to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, across the country, according to a GlobalPost story.

The Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa – National Health Surveillance Agency) announced the ban on Tuesday, saying the additives used exclusively in these products were what lured many young people to start consuming tobacco.

Flavored cigarettes
Flavored cigarettes: Rich cigarettes, Kiss cigarettes and Richmond cigarettes

Tobacco manufacturers will have 18 months from when Anvisa’s decision is officially published to pull their flavored cigarettes from the national market, and 24 months to pull other flavored tobacco products from shelves.

Manufacturers will still be allowed to add sugar to Brazilian-made tobacco products and those imported into the country.

And they will be allowed to manufacture flavored tobacco products in Brazil for export.

Tobacco industry representatives were said to have been in favor of prohibiting additives that created flavored cigarettes, but that they had wanted to continue to be able to sell menthol products.

The industry said there was no scientific proof that menthol made cigarettes more palatable or addictive than did non-menthol cigarettes.

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International Sales of Cuban Cigars Up 9 Percent

International sales of luxurious Cuban cigars climbed 9 percent in 2011 with revenues of $401 million following an upturn in the market, executives of Habanos S.A. said Monday.

On the opening day of Cuba’s 14th Cigar Festival, organizers stressed how important these results are amid the economic woes afflicting their main European markets and the spread of restrictions on smoking.

Habanos Cigars
Habanos Cuban cigars

Habanos S.A., founded in 1994, is a mixed company with equal participation by state-owned Cubatabaco and the Spanish corporation Altadis, a subsidiary of the Imperial Tobacco Group PLC.

The company’s Vice President for Development Javier Terres and Marketing Director Ana Lopez told a press conference that the corporation has held onto its 80-percent share of the international market for hand-rolled cigars.

Habanos currently purveys such exclusive brands as Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, H. Upmann and Punch to 150 countries.

Its leading markets are Spain, France, China, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, Cuba, Greece and the United Arab Emirates.

Some 53 percent of sales are in western Europe, followed by the Americas with 15 percent and the Asia-Pacific region representing 13 percent.

Habanos executives said that in seeking to maintain sales, the company is trying to adapt to the new circumstances, so that smokers can “identify” where to find a quality Cuban cigar and shorter cigars are being designed for places where smoking is restricted.

Terres said that China is Asia’s most promising market with double the sales it had three years ago.

As for knock-offs of its star products such as Cohiba, Lopez said the company is trying “to limit to the maximum” illicit activities by means of “systematic tracking,” which in 2010 allowed it to detect more than 10,000 fakes under Cuban brand names.

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The evolution of the Cuban cigar

Havana’s sprawling Palacio de Convenciones normally plays host to Communist Party congresses. This week it has been converted into an exclusive emporium.

Three Cohiba cigars

The walls are draped in huge adverts for Cuba’s most luxurious export: hand-rolled Habanos cigars. Milling around the gleaming display stands below are hundreds of visitors to the island’s annual international cigar festival.

This year’s event commemorates 520 years since Christopher Columbus first discovered tobacco here and introduced it to Europe.

Western Europe is still the key market for the cigars Cuba later learned to fashion from its leaves. But the economic crisis there and the spread of anti-smoking laws are creating changes.

International appeal

Distributor Habanos opened the festival by announcing a 9% increase in sales in 2011.

The firm says emerging markets like China are now making up for others in decline.

“When you talk about luxury products, that upturn is driven now by China. It’s booming,” says Habanos Development Vice-President Javier Terres.

Sales to China, including Hong Kong and Macau, rose by 39% last year, even as sales to Habanos’ biggest buyer, Spain, plunged 20%.

“The Chinese are quite heavy smokers and much more interested in luxury products. The best-seller there is the Cohiba, our most expensive cigar,” Javier Terres explains.

So among the international crowds touring Cuba’s tobacco fields and its factories this week are Chinese traders, cigar-tourists and aficionados. There is also a busload of Russians.

“There’s no smoking ban in Russia. You can still smoke in bars, clubs and restaurants there,” points out Riad Bou Karam, who runs the Casa de Habanos outlet in Moscow, where he says sales are strong.

Unlike the initial post-Soviet years when expensive but vulgar was the vogue, Russians say they are now seeking out quality first and foremost.

For that, Cuban cigars have long been hailed as the best you can get.

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Angelina Jolie is Chain-Smoking, Drinking, and Bursting into Tears

It seems that recent criticism of Angelina Jolie has sent the insecure celeb on crying jags and has her smoking cigarettes and drinking to the point of drunkenness.  Apparently producers of her new movie, Maleficent, are concerned that Angelina’s gaunt appearance and new chain-smoking habit do not auger well.  A Hollywood source told In Touch Print Edition, March 26, that what set Angelina off was the negative reaction to now infamous leg-thrust pose on Oscar night.

Angelina Jolie Oscars
Angelina Jolie in a black velvet dress at Oscars 2012

An insider revealed to In Touch that a stressed-out Angelina has taking to smoking instead of eating as a response to the negative criticism.

‘She always stinks of smoke,’ said the source.  According to a pal Angelina ‘is all sharp bones and it hurts Brad when they hug.”

The Hollywood insider said that while Angelina might put on an insouciant exterior she is in fact very insecure.  When people ridiculed the ‘look-at-me’ pose she struck while presenting the screen-writing Oscars, she simply fell apart.

The source said: ‘She’s still mortified.’  ‘She had this cool aloof persona – and she messed it up.’

Angelina’s decline began immediately after the Oscars with an episode of drunkenness.  Angelina had six glasses of red wine at an after-party at Craig’s Restaurant and an eyewitness claims that she had to be practically carried out to the car by Brad Pitt.  George Clooney, Stacey Keibler and Brad were onlookers at the sad fiasco.

Brad wants Angelina to grow up and get over her embarrassment for the children’s sake.  A friend says:  “He feels like she’s setting a bad example with her weird behavior and eating habits.  He is concerned that Shiloh and Zahara could end up unhealthy like her.”

This is not the first time that Angelina has been accused of being anorexic and on the verge of collapse.  Recently she was accused of being 98 pounds, heading to rehab AND PREGNANT – all at once!

Facts are that Angelina is such as huge star that anything she does – or does not do – will lead to sensational tabloid stories.  In any case, this is the territory that comes with celebrity!

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Smoking bad for car resale value

Drivers who smoke, take note. An auction company says motorists who has smoked cigarettes in their vehicle over a period of time will see a serious dent in the value of the car when they come to sell.

“The British Medical Association has highlighted research showing the levels of toxins in a car can be up to 23 times higher than in a smoky bar”, said Tim Naylor of British Car Auctions (BCA).

“But if drivers aren’t motivated by the health of their passengers, perhaps they will be by the diminishing health of their finances. Lighting up inside a car seriously devalues the vehicle for resale.

Car Smoking
Man smoking a cigarette in his car

“Our research shows that presentation is one of the top factors influencing the price of used cars. So if a car is more like an ashtray on wheels, chances are buyers will move on to find one that looks and smells fresh as a daisy.

“Professional valeting can alleviate most of the effects of smoking, but is expensive and time consuming and might mean replacing some interior trim, such as nicotine-stained headlinings.

“Motorists should avoid having a cigarette in their car, especially if they intend to sell it in the near future,” said Naylor.

“This will avoid the lingering smell of cigarettes in the interior, as well as eliminate the risk of scorch marks on the upholstery or dash. All of these things will put buyers off, even if they smoke themselves.”

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